A heavy duty, yet shear sensitive Pharmaceutical pump

The Alfa Laval SX UltraPure rotary lobe pump from Alfa Laval meets the most stringent low shear standards with a heavy-duty, all stainless steel pump exterior designed for the most demanding biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

Designed for maximum cleanability and ease of access, the Alfa Laval SX UltraPure pump is a robust, reliable, low maintenance solution.

The Alfa Laval SX UltraPure pump four-lobe design, along with close rotor tolerances, provides lower pulsation and low shear gentle pumping when product integrity is imperative. It is an ideal pumping solution for emulsions, aerated mixtures, mammalian cells or organic suspended solids found in biotechnology applications.

Its heavy-duty design includes an all stainless-steel gearbox with taper roller bearings for smooth and long running life. The SX is also designed with front-loading mechanical seal options where seals can be replaced without removing the rotor case, ensuring quick turnaround and keeping the process running. Additional pump options include mechanical and/or electro-polishing to achieve higher surface finishes up to 0.38/15 Ra to reduce the risk of biofilm build up.

All Alfa Laval SX UltraPure rotary lobe pumps are supplied with the Q-Doc documentation package to assist in qualification, validation and change control. They comply with EHEDG, 3.1 and FDA hygienic standards and have ATEX approval for use in explosive environments. For more information, please consult the documentation provided.

Alfa Laval SX UltraPure

SX UltraPure image

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