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Whether you work with diesel engines themselves or their application in power generation, your choice of auxiliary equipment plays a vital role in your success.

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With Alfa Laval, you can be sure to get most power out of your installations, whether it is a small back-up facility or a plant generating hundreds of megawatts of power.

Alfa Laval is a leading supplier of auxiliaries with a long history of serving engine builders and power contractors. Through strong relationships and many decades of cooperation, we’ve come to understand both installation and operational needs.

The engine and the equipment around it are central to your business. Ensuring that they profit your business is central to ours.

The bright way to profitable power

As the world changes rapidly, our goal is to help you optimize your production performance, based on your unique setup and conditions. By focusing on total efficiency and continuous technological innovation, Alfa Laval is able to unite substantial energy gains with excellent reliability in operation.

Using Alfa Laval expertise, you ca

n both achieve top performance and improve your bottom line



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Capturing oil mist from the engine crankcase is a clean win for EPASA

Centrais Elétricas de Paraíba, or EPASA, is the owner of two diesel power plants near João Pessoa, a coastal city at Brazil’s eastern tip. With a total installed capacity of around 340 MW, the plants form one of the largest thermoelectric power facilities in the region. EPASA keeps a watchful eye on their environmental impact and operating efficiency, and this was the reason for installing 40 units of Alfa Laval PureVent 2.0. With this unique air separator, the plants have eliminated an oily environment and reduced lube oil consumption.

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