What you may not know about circumferential piston pumps

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No more compromises with the new Alfa Laval DuraCirc® circumferential piston pump

Most circumferential piston pumps are designed with trade-offs. Pumps may be very efficient, but hard to clean. Or they may be easy to clean, but difficult to service. Or they may offer both decent performance and hygiene, but servicing them is really complex.

The new Alfa Laval DuraCirc circumferential piston pump doesn’t compromise on performance, hygiene or service. Great news for top performance across the dairy, food, beverage, confectionery, and home-personal care industries!

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“The new DuraCirc is everything users want, all in a single pump – the perfect balance of supreme performance, superior hygiene, and simpler service.”

- Russ Kelly, Portfolio Manager, Pumps, Alfa Laval


Supreme performance
Engineered for durability, reliability and efficiency, the DuraCirc extends the boundaries of process performance. Imagine a pump that handles flow rates up to 150 m3/hr (660 gpm) and operating pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi), which is 15% higher than all other circumferential piston pumps. At the same time, its robust construction, high volumetric efficiency, and low net positive suction head requirements ensure the DuraCirc is a circumferential piston pump without rival.


Superior hygiene
The DuraCirc is certified to meet EHEDG guidelines and 3-A Sanitary Standards. For a crevice-free design with no dead zones, all product-wetted elastomers are made of FDA-conforming materials and profiled and defined compression as standard. This increases product quality by reducing contamination risk as well as cleaning time and costs.


Simpler service

Make service and maintenance easy, eliminating complex, costly and time-consuming rebuild procedures with these innovative design features:

  • a truly front-loading single seal
  • long-lasting, heavy-duty bearings
  • a single long-life gearbox oil lubricant
  • external shimming, and
  • fully interchangeable components

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