Whether you sail ships or build them, we can help you meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. In this era of decarbonization and compliance, protecting the environment and strengthening your operations go hand in hand. Through reliable solutions, worldwide service and connected expertise, we’re fulfilling the promise we made over 100 years ago. At sea or in port, on board or online – Alfa Laval is your constant partner.

Complete marine solutions

Together for sustainable shipping

  • Broad range of proven marine equipment that covers most of the critical operations onboard
  • Knowledge and practical expertise to incorporate equipment into full marine applications and innovative solutions
  • More than a century of marine service and decades of work with shipyards providing future-proof solutions

We help ship owners and operators secure confident compliance with marine legislation, both through dedicated compliance technologies and by supporting the move to new fuels like marine biofuel, LNG and methanol.

Keeping reliability and ease of use in focus, we:

  • Increase productivity
  • Protect the engine
  • Boost energy efficiency and minimize waste
  • Contribute to higher earnings and lower lifecycle cost

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Learn all about Alfa Laval's Test & Training Centre where we test ideas, equipment, applications and process lines on the scale of an oceangoing ship with control and convenience that are impossible at sea.

Sustainable solutions and technologies

At Alfa Laval, sustainability is at the core of our business, serving as the guiding principle that shapes every decision we make. 

We offer solutions and services that empower our customers to decarbonize, save energy and comply with environmental regulations. Our solutions facilitate the adoption of low and zero-carbon fuels,and support the transition to carbon free technologies & smart operations.

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Odfjell chooses Alfa Laval OceanGlide to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions with fluidic air lubrication

Odfjell Ship Management has partnered with Alfa Laval in their decarbonization effort by selecting the Alfa Laval OceanGlide fluidic air lubrication system to be installed on one of their tankers. Alfa Laval OceanGlide is the name of Alfa Laval’s newly acquired air lubrication system, which is based on patented fluidic technology. This technology is the latest addition to Alfa Laval’s sustainable portfolio, aimed at supporting shipowners in addressing fuel and emission challenges.

Odfjell Tanker- Photo by  Odfjell

Alfa Laval bergabung dengan Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center untuk Zero Carbon Shipping, sebagai Strategic Corporate Partner

Hari ini, Alfa Laval dan Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center untuk Zero Carbon Shipping mengumumkan bahwa mereka telah meresmikan kolaborasi strategis dalam pengembangan solusi bebas karbon untuk industri maritim dengan menandatangani Perjanjian Strategic Corporate Partnership dan menjadikan Alfa Laval sebagai mitra resmi di pusat.

Methanol boiler in the TTC 640x360

Sales start and first orders received for the energy efficiency champion Alfa Laval AQUA Blue E2 freshwater generator

The Alfa Laval AQUA Blue E2 freshwater generator is now available for sale. Announced in late 2022, the AQUA Blue E2 is a two-stage addition to the AQUA Blue freshwater generator family. The first customers, A.P. Moller - Maersk and Grimaldi Group, are ready to take advantage of its remarkable energy efficiency.

Alfa Laval AQUA Blue E2 640x360

Pengujian metanol skala besar akan dimulai di Alfa Laval Test & Training Center

Pengujian utama metanol sebagai bahan bakar akan segera dimulai di Alfa Laval Test & Training Center di Aalborg, Denmark. Bekerja sama dengan MAN Energy Solutions dan mitra lainnya, Alfa Laval akan menjajaki kemungkinan menjalankan mesin diesel four-stroke 2 MW di pusat tersebut dengan metanol, tanpa modifikasi atau bahan bakar percontohan lain. Pengujian tersebut merupakan tahap ketiga dalam proyek penelitian yang sedang berlangsung dan didanai oleh EUDP (Program Pengembangan dan Demonstrasi Teknologi Energi) Denmark.

Rio Tinto OceanGlide PR

Alfa Laval brings fluidic air lubrication technology benefits to shipowners

Alfa Laval announces the completion of its acquisition of Marine Performance Systems B.V., a Rotterdam-based maritime technology company that has developed the first fluidic air lubrication system on the market. The move will enable Alfa Laval to bring this environment-friendly technology to market contributing significantly towards improving ship efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and minimizing emissions from ships.

Image ALvessel

Pelaku industri maritim bergabung untuk mewujudkan potensi dekarbonisasi sel bahan bakar oksida padat

Alfa Laval, DTU Energy, Haldor Topsoe, Svitzer, dan Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center untuk Zero Carbon Shipping menandatangani proyek bersama untuk mempercepat pengembangan teknologi sel bahan bakar oksida padat (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell / SOFC). Didanai melalui hibah dari EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program) Denmark, para mitra akan mengejar solusi efisiensi tinggi dengan skalabilitas untuk mendukung dekarbonisasi pada bidang maritim.

Biofuel-ready separator 640x360

Menemukan cara pelayanan di bidang Kelautan

Pakar layanan Alfa Laval di bidang kelautan selalu aktif untuk memenuhi kebutuhan anda. Namun, dikarenakan situasi pada saat ini - dengan pembatasan wilayah tertutup, pembatasan wilayah yang ketat, dan masalah kesehatan di mana pun orang bertemu - menuntut cara kerja yang berbeda. Di sini, anda akan menemukan berbagai kisah inspirasi dan inovasi dalam penyampaian layanan, yang diceritakan oleh para engineer berdedikasi yang mewujudkannya.

Methanol as marine fuel

WinGD partners with Alfa Laval to advance the development of ammonia-powered engines

Alfa Laval and Swiss engine designer WinGD have established a partnership in which Alfa Laval will deliver two fuel supply systems (FSS) for testing WinGD’s ammonia-fuelled engine in early 2024. The partnership is a significant step forward in the development of ammonia as a future fuel for marine vessels.

WinGD ammonia engine test facility 640x360

Alfa Laval to provide the fuel supply system to Maersk in industry’s first methanol retrofit project for a container vessel

Alfa Laval fuel supply system FCM Methanol has been selected by Maersk for their pioneering methanol retrofit project to enable the container vessel Maersk Halifax to operate on methanol fuel. This project stands as a significant achievement for both Alfa Laval and Maersk, underscoring the feasibility of retrofitting ships with the necessary equipment for methanol-based propulsion.

Alfa Laval FCM Methanol 3rd generation

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Menjamin keunggulan LNG

Temukan solusi untuk memaksimalkan keuntungan anda dari LNG sebagai bahan bakar.

LNG as fuel 640x360

Connected services for marine equipment

Connectivity for your onboard systems creates smart opportunities to lower cost of ownership and secure peace of mind. Remote access means fewer and shorter service visits, but also possibilities for fleet-wide optimization. Discover Alfa Laval’s growing range of digital services and make the connection between data and value.


Video Alfa Laval di bidang kelautan

Pilihan peralatan Alfa Laval di bidang maritim dalam berbagai aplikasi.

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