Waste heat recovery

Save up to 14% on energy use and carbon emissions with Alfa Laval boiler technology that recovers waste heat from your main and auxiliary engines.

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From waste heat to added value

  • Recover heat from both main and auxiliary engines
  • Meet your steam needs in port and at sea
  • Systems can boost propulsion
  • Leverage overlooked heat sources, for example to superheat steam, to meet energy needs and emissions regulations
  • Integration optimizes recovery and savings
Cut costs and limit CO2 generation. 50% of your main engine’s fuel energy goes to heat flow. Alfa Laval’s Aalborg technology maximizes waste heat recovery from all sources, benefitting your bottom line and the environment – without compromising onboard safety.

Waste heat recovery solutions for any vessels

Our Aalborg waste heat recovery solutions can improve the energy efficiency of any vessel. Our extensive experience lets us design and install systems that maximize energy gains without any compromise in onboard safety.

      1. Main engine(s)
      2. Auxillary engine(s)
      3. Oil-fired boiler
      4. Auxillary engine waste heat recovery
      5. Main engine waste heat recovery

Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre

Peralatan dan aplikasi maritim kami diuji pada skala kapal laut di Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre, lengkap dengan pengendalian dan kenyamanan yang tidak dapat dilakukan di laut.

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Further potential in auxiliary exhaust

Recovering heat energy from auxillary engine exhaust, for example, can do more than meet steam needs in port. For vessels whose long-stroke main engines produce cooler exhaust, it can also provide a needed boost in steam production an route.

Not limited to serving onboard equipment, today's wate heat recovery systems can even be constructed to provide a boost in propulsion.