Sensing and control

Maximize production uptime and safety, regardless of process conditions, with a broad portfolio of valve automation solutions from Alfa Laval. Alfa Laval sensing and control units accurately monitor and regulate the flow in fluid handling systems. Easy to set up and operate, these sensing and control units provide reliable position feedback so that plant managers always know the valve status. They boost efficiency, reduce costs, and promote precision fluid handling.


Maximize product safety and uptime with valve automation

  • Enhance product safety based on decades of fluid handling experience and valve automation expertise
  • Cut installation time up to 90% and reduce error with fast and intuitive auto setup due to easy mounting, universal adapter and single sensor target
  • Get clear visibility of valve status from any direction thanks to 360° LED indication
  • Easily adapt sensing and control to fit all compatible valves through smart mounting that speeds installation and reduces errors
  • Save space with a compact design that easily fits into tight spaces

Raise productivity in your fluid handling process lines with Alfa Laval sensing and control units for exceptional surveillance and management of fluid handling processes.

Boost production uptime, durability, and safety by choosing an automation solution that best suits your requirements – from cost-effective indication units and standard digital valve control heads to intuitive, fully automated control units for smart digital manufacturing.

Upgrading your valve automation systems is easy since sensing and control units are backwards compatible. All units provide reliable status feedback through fit-for-purpose interfaces, including IO-Link for Industry 4.0.

Perfect for use across the dairy, food, beverage, home-personal care, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.


How does sensing and control work?

Alfa Laval valve automation solutions include advanced ThinkTop sensing and control units and cost-effective indication units to meet different process requirements.

Compatible with all Alfa Laval valves, the Alfa Laval ThinkTop series uses microchip sensors for precision measurement of the valve stem movement and valve end positions.

Digital PNP feedback signals, AS-Interface, or IO-Link communication protocol connect sensors and actuators, regardless of fieldbus, to your automation systems. Collecting, storing, analyzing meaningful real-time data brings the power of Industry 4.0 to your hygienic processing lines.

Mounted directly on the valve top or the valve yoke, Alfa Laval indication units feature up to two feedback signals that show the valve position (open or closed). Operating principles vary, depending on the sensor type, including non-contact proximity sensors, two- or three-wire proximity sensors, and sensors with M12 plug or encapsulated cable.



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Moloko Gorodets Dairy, Russia

We can count on continuous operations, thanks to the superior quality, reliability and service and support of Alfa Laval equipment, automation technology and components."

Mr. Gennadiy Zolotuhin, Master mechanic, Moloko Gorodets Dairy’s.


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Close at hand catalogue about automation

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval automation solutions for hygienic fluid handling equipment. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details monitoring systems for continuous control of your pumps, valves, tank cleaning equipment, and other process system components. What you get is increased safety, more uptime and cost savings, and greater productivity.


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