Powder mixers

Raise process efficiency, product quality and yield while reducing total cost of ownership with Alfa Laval powder mixers. A combination of pump and powder-dissolving technologies makes possible quick, efficient powder dispersion, wet and dry ingredient blending, and the transfer of the homogeneous powder-liquid mixture for onward processing. A single electric motor drive enables powder mixers to cut energy costs by up to 75% compared to other powder mixers.

粉末混合机-Powder mixer

Increase mixing efficiency and energy efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership

  • Boost yield thanks to quick and efficient blending of wet and dry ingredients into a homogeneous mixture
  • Increase process and product flexibility, easily handling various formulations with different viscosities, densities, and volumes
  • Cut process time, emissions and installation, energy, raw material, and maintenance costs
  • Improve process flexibility by leveraging the mixing and cleaning capabilities in a single unit
  • Fast return on investment and low total cost of ownership due to less waste and a more sustainable use of resources

Alfa Laval powder mixers increase mixing efficiency and productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. A single electric motor drive enables the high-shear mixers to blend a wide variety of product formulations.

The mixers draw powder into the unit while simultaneously pumping the resulting powder-liquid mixture at pressures of more than 4 bar. When used with a rotary jet mixer, the powder mixers may also be used as part of an efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP) system. Powder mixers are available as stationary units and mobile units.


How does a powder mixer work?

A two-stage inline powder mixer comprises a two-stage pump with a rotor-stator, a funnel, and an injector. The high-shear mixer is typically integrated into a circulation loop and connected to a batch tank. In the first stage, the powder mixer circulates the liquid ingredients through the tank. Powdered ingredients are then added through a funnel. A valve under the funnel opens. The injector positioned under the valve creates vacuum conditions in the funnel outlet, drawing the powder into the rotor-stator and pre-blending the powder and the liquid. The rotor-stator (single rings) creates the main shear, efficiently blending powder and liquid into a homogeneous mixture. In the second stage, the pump’s impeller creates the final shear and transfers the mixture into the tank under high pressure. A portion of the powder-liquid mixture is recirculated through the injector back to the first phase. The liquid flow in the injector creates vacuum conditions in the funnel outlet, creating the dynamic suction of the powder into the liquid. After mixing has been completed, the powder mixer may be used as a discharge pump or a Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) recirculation pump to clean the tank when used with a rotary jet mixer.



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Close at hand catalogue about tank equipment

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval hygienic tank cleaning equipment to ensure fast, effective cleaning cycles that save energy and water. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details everything you need for high cleaning efficiency with static spray balls, rotary spray heads and rotary jet heads. What you get is increased safety, more uptime, and greater productivity.

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Services for Hygienic Tank Equipment

Get more out of your hygienic processing lines. Keep your Alfa Laval tank cleaning machines in top operating condition through services that extend the lifetime of your static spray balls, rotary spray heads and rotary jet heads. Let our global service network and local service experts optimize performance and provide you with total peace of mind.

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Kembangkan bisnis Anda. Optimalkan sistem penanganan fluida Anda – secara berkelanjutan

Jadikan proses Anda lebih efisien dan berkelanjutan sekaligus mencapai kepatuhan peraturan serta memastikan bisnis Anda berkembang pesat. Dengan Pengoptimalan Berkelanjutan dari Alfa Laval, Anda dapat menghemat energi hingga 80% dan hemat air serta media pembersih hingga 90%, sekaligus meminimalkan limbah. Baik untuk manusia. Baik untuk bumi. Baik untuk profitabilitas.

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Wujudkan strategi keberlanjutan Anda

Tingkatkan kehematan energi dan air serta kurangi emisi dari jalur pemrosesan higienis Anda. Buletin bulanan kami, near, akan mengulas tentang bagaimana Alfa Laval dapat membantu Anda dalam meningkatkan performa lingkungan dalam industri susu, makanan, minuman, perawatan pribadi di rumah, dan farmasi. Apa yang baik untuk manusia dan bumi juga baik untuk bisnis Anda.

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