Tank top plate system

Approximately 1 out of every 6th beer produced worldwide has been processed in a tank equipped with one of Alfa Laval’s specially designed brewery tank top plate assemblies. A top plate assembly is a machined solid-stainless-steel plate outfitted with practically all the necessary tank safety equipment for mounting on the top of a pressurized beer tank.

啤酒罐罐顶组件-Beer tank top assembly

Cost-effective centralised placing of the tank top plate assembly, designed to fit your needs

  • Better tank insulation at lower costs
  • Easy and straightforward installation at low costs
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Easy access and low maintenance
  • Cleaning-In-Place of all parts

The equipment on the top plate assembly provides the following functions:

  • Compensation with gas for the change in liquid volume during filling and emptying (allowing the change in liquid volume by gas filling or escape)
  • Control of the tank top pressure
  • Protection against uncontrolled overpressure or vacuum
  • Cleaning of the tank and associated equipment

How it works

Delivering quality on time every time

This video illustrates how Alfa Laval designs and produces its high-quality Tank Top Plates. Alfa Laval SCANDI BREW Tank Top Systems are used in breweries to protect fermentation and storage tanks against vacuum or overfilling.


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