MultiScrubber deSOx

Easily comply with sulphur oxide emission regulations using the Alfa Laval MultiScrubber DeSOx. Versatile and highly efficient, this wet scrubber effectively desulphurizes flue gases. The closed-loop flue gas cleaning system is ideal for use at small to medium-sized industrial and engine power plants, as it is simple to install, operate and maintain. It ensures reduced fuel costs, fast return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

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Simple yet highly effective reduction of sulphur oxides from flue gas

  • Low capital and operating expenditures due to low power consumption, minimal water consumption and effluent
  • Reliable, proven and corrosion-resistant wet scrubber technology ensures a highly stable process
  • Simple to install in new or existing plants thanks to standardized, ready-to-install components
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Local presence with nearby service centres, backed by global desulphurization expertise from Alfa Laval

The Alfa Laval MultiScrubber DeSOx effectively reduces sulphur oxides from flue gases of engines used in small to medium-sized industrial and engine power plants. The MultiScrubber DeSOx is easy to install, operate and maintain. It is also compact, providing significant cost savings.

Proven and reliable, this wet scrubber is made of corrosion-resistant steel. Ideal for use in new and existing plants, it helps plants comply with emission limits and contributes to more sustainable operations.

Alfa Laval MultiScrubber DeSOx

Proven technology
Alfa Laval wet scrubber technology is in operation in more than 500 installations worldwide. All Alfa Laval wet scrubbers installed more than a decade ago are still in use today.

The MultiScrubber DeSOx is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is tough enough to use in many applications and aggressive chloride-bearing media. It also provides maximum resistance to corrosion.

Three-in-one, future-proof scrubber
The modular MultiScrubber DeSOx provides a low-cost migration path to additional functionality. Reduce sulphur oxides from flue gases today – and reduce more particulate matter emissions or visible plume tomorrow.

How it works

How it works

To minimize sulphur oxide emissions, effluent and discharge, the closed-loop Alfa Laval MultiScrubber DeSOx can be connected to various sources, such as boilers and power generators. Water mixed with alkaline is pumped into the scrubber, reacts with the flue gas, and neutralizes the sulphur oxides.

Desulphurized flue gas leaves the scrubber while wash water flows to a water treatment system for process reuse. Flue gas impurities collect at the bottom of the water treatment system and are discharged as sludge for onward dewatering and disposal. Makeup water (either freshwater or dewatered sludge water) can be added to the process to compensate for any losses.