PureSOx is the SOx scrubber system at the forefront of wet exhaust gas cleaning, with a track record no other scrubber technology can match. Every PureSOx system ever sold is operating and in compliance with IMO SOx regulations. Yet this is only one reason for the scrubber system’s many returning customers. Experience in SOx scrubber supply and installation, plus comprehensive services and connectivity, make Alfa Laval the leading partner in SOx scrubber technology.

PureSOx脱硫装置-PureSOx desulfurization system

Alfa Laval PureSOx continues to lead the way

  • Removal of more than 98% of exhaust gas SOx
  • Up to 80% reduction of particulate matter (PM)
  • Years of operating experience at sea
  • Proven performance – every system installed operating and in compliance
  • Many returning customers

Built on a century of marine experience, PureSOx has been fitted to hundreds of vessels since its launch in 2009. It’s not just the time-saving project management, the hassle-free installation, the proven results or the first-class global service. Our customers know that PureSOx will help them stay ahead – now and in the future.



Open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid scrubbing?

Open-loop scrubbers, which discharge the scrubber water directly, are a common choice due to their lower CAPEX and OPEX. However, low water alkalinity or local bans on open-loop scrubbing can limit their use. Closed-loop scrubbers recirculate the scrubber water and discharge only a small amount of cleaned bleed-off water, which enables more widespread compliance. But the smartest choice is often a hybrid scrubber, which provides future-proof economy through open-loop and closed-loop modes. All three configurations are possible with PureSOx.

PureSOx open-loop

Open loop

In an open-loop scrubber, seawater is used to scrub the exhaust gas. Once the water has passed through PureSOx, it is discharged back into the sea, in compliance with IMO regulations. This configuration has the lowest investment and operating costs, but its use may be limited by low water alkalinity or local water discharge regulations.

PureSOx hybrid

PureSOx Hybrid

A hybrid scrubber combines both open-loop and closed-loop modes. Open-loop mode reduces operating costs whenever possible, but you can easily switch to closed-loop mode if you need to comply with local water discharge regulations.

PureSOx closed-loop

PureSOx closed loop

A closed-loop scrubber can use either seawater, or fresh water with an alkaline additive. The water is recirculated and as it becomes dirty, the circulation water is cleaned, discharged, and replenished to retain scrubber capacity. The scrubber can be used anywhere and at any time, but its operating costs are higher than the open-loop configuration.                                                                           

PureSOx tanker

Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber technology

PureSOx is based on proven Alfa Laval core technologies and over 50 years of specific experience with marine scrubbers. We can configure a PureSOx system to match your sailing profile as well as the physical constraints of your vessel – two reasons why PureSOx is the scrubber of choice and why every installation is operating and in compliance today.

Simplify compliance with PureSOx Connect

The user-friendly, graph-based reporting of PureSOx Connect simplifies proof of compliance. Operators can easily review data on board and create reports for authorities. The capabilities of PureSOx Connect go far beyond reporting, however, when you connect the system to the internet. The PureSOx Connect services include three modules: reporting & compliance, performance & benchmarking and service. Together, they will help you to make service predictable and plannable.



Installing an Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber system

It takes experience and expertise to get a SOx scrubber system on board, especially in a retrofit. Alfa Laval has delivered hundreds of PureSOx systems, and more than half have been retrofit projects. Our advance planning and proximity to major shipyards, along with prefabricated components and modules, simplify the process.

Over the years, we have developed strong project management routines and procedures. These ensure that design, installation, commissioning and class approval all go smoothly. We take responsibility and work closely with you, the shipyard and any engineering company to ensure success.

Installing a PureSOx scrubber system

It takes experience and expertise to get a SOx scrubber system on board, especially in a retrofit. In nearly 15 years of PureSOx deliveries, Alfa Laval has developed strong project management routines and smooth processes for on-time scrubber installation. We take responsibility and work closely with you, the shipyard and any engineering company to minimize installation downtime.

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Information for shipyards

Alfa Laval provides complete documentation specific to shipyard needs. The shipyard documentation is divided into:

  • Advice for the specific vessel
  • PureSOx Design Guide for engineering, P&IDs and equipment drawings
  • PureSOx Installation Manual

Obtain shipyard documentation or more information here.

shipyard engineers

Reference list

PureSOx has an extensive reference list. It includes a broad range of vessel and system types, some of the world’s largest SOx scrubber installations and repeat orders from satisfied customers. View our reference brochure to see more details about our experience.

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