TestUnit M20

The Alfa Laval TestUnit M20 is a fully integrated plate-and-frame system. It can be used for research and development, educational work, process optimization and up-scaling, as well as quality assurance and small-scale production. The unit can be equipped with our entire range of membranes for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration as well as microfiltration. By adding the optional M20-2.5” housing, you can also test with spiral membranes.

testunit m20 left side 640x360

Quick and reliable unit for R&D work, membrane testing, process optimization and up-scaling

  • Ready to run, fully integrated membrane filtration system with LabStak™ M20 module, pump, heat exchanger, valve, pressure gauges, hydraulic hand pump
  • Flexible – membrane areas from 0.036 m² to 1.8 m² and simultaneous test of different membrane types
  • Multiple purpose – can combine plate-and-frame and spiral wound designs in one unit
  • Convenient – separate permeate outlet from each individual membrane pair
  • Easy exchange of spiral and flat sheet membranes

The Alfa Laval TestUnit M20 can handle cross-flows of 5 to 24 l/min and is designed to operate at high temperatures and pressures. It provides quick and precise test results, while keeping equipment and set-up costs to a minimum. The compact unit comes as a fully integrated and wheeled system comprising an Alfa Laval LabStak™ M20 module, high-pressure pump, tank, heat exchanger, valve, pressure gauges and hydraulic hand pump for module compression. The Alfa Laval LabStak™ module comply with FDA and EU regulations, allowing use within food and pharmaceutical processing applications.



Alfa Laval M20-2538 housing

A specially designed Alfa Laval M20-2538 housing can be inserted between the module flanges of the Alfa Laval LabStak™ M20 module. The special housing makes the Alfa Laval TestUnit M20 easily convertible into a spiral wound membrane test unit for sanitary full-fit 2.5" spiral membranes. A unique combination of plate-and-frame and spiral wound membrane technologies in one unit.


Alfa Laval LabStak™ M20



The Alfa Laval LabStak™ M20 mounted in the Alfa Laval TestUnit M20 is also available as a separate test unit for the same applications as the Alfa Laval TestUnit M20, and with the same distinct properties.

How it works

Flow diagram TestUnit M20 500x320

The feed stream/retentate flows through the open channels across the membrane surface in the plate-and-frame unit.

The membrane is supported by hollow plates with numerous slots that allow the permeate to be collected and removed from the unit via the permeate collecting tubes.

Plate-and-frame units use the membrane itself, aided by lock rings or strips, to seal off the feed/retentate and prevent any mixing with the permeate. This also prevents leaks from the plate stak itself.