Alfa Laval FlowSync is an automatic separator feed pump control system for use in your vessel's treatment system. It synchronizes fuel flow to separators based on actual consumption - giving you greater engine protection, lower cat fine levels and reduced energy costs.

阿法拉伐 FlowSync 是自动分离器进料泵控制系统

Low cost, high performance

  • Increases separation efficiency and reduces cat fine levels in cleaned fuel oil
  • Reduces fuel-related engine wear
  • Saves electric pumping energy when the ship is slow steaming, reducing costs and carbon footprint
  • Manages the complete separation system from a centralized control panel
  • Easy to install with standardized components, integrating with all fuel system layouts and configurations
Whether your ship is slow steaming or at maximum speed, FlowSync matches separator throughput to your actual engine load - and ensures the day tank is filled to a safe working level. It requires low investment for both existing vessels and new builds, delivering maximum fuel treatment system performance with minimal crew effort.

How it works

FlowSync provides a complete, energy-efficient separation system with top-certified flow rate values.

Extra engine protection

FlowSync's control system adjusts fuel flow from the settling tank to the fuel treatment separators based on actual engine output plus an additional safety flow of 10% to ensure that the service tank is always full.

This means that fuel retention time in the separator bowl increases during slow steaming. This boosts separation efficiency, enabling the removal of abrasive cat fines and providing extra engine protection.

Additional energy savings

Besides getting rid of hard-to-remove cat fines from fuel oil, FlowSync delivers measurable energy savings.

Rather than recirculating redundant cleaned oil from the day tank to the settling tank when ships are slow steaming, it adjusts the fuel oil flow to the separators so it matches the oil that the engine actually requires. This eliminates the need to re-pump cleaned oil to the separators, drastically reducing energy costs.

A single control system for multiple feed pumps

Unlike other flow control systems, FlowSync is a control system for multiple tanks, feed pumps and separators, which optimizes your entire fuel treatment system. The system communicates with the engine control room and any generic flow meter with the required accuracy and output signal.

Using the intuitive Alfa Laval 2Touch control panel, operators can opt to run more separators at reduced flow for maximum separation efficiency - or fewer separators for maximum energy savings.