Fish meal processing

Alfa Laval has been a major force throughout the development of industrialization of fish meal manufacturing and the focus on volume production. Our core technologies are equally suitable for the subsequent period of consolidation and focus on efficiency.

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A working partner that knows how to get you tip-top results in producing fish by-products

  • Focus on your equipment & also on optimizing all aspects of the processing operations involved with your specific products
  • Know-how and the experience to analyze your processing line as a whole
To ensure the most profitable results from your fish processing operations, you need the right components and solutions at your fingertips. Alfa Laval helps you make just the right choices in this specialist field – so you get the exact solutions you need. And you get the full effect of our extensive know-how and experience.

Separation and heating/cooling

Our decanter centrifuges, centrifugal separators, heat exchangers and evaporators cover the whole spectrum of capacities and capabilities that producers of fish meal and oil need.

Alfa Laval equipment features the versatility, reliability and service back-up needed by both large-scale processing plants and small units whose focus is on by-products and speciality products.