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Answers to your separation questions

For wineries big and small, new equipment always comes with questions. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing centrifuge or are considering your first investment in a high-speed separator, Alfa Laval is here to help with the information you need.

Ask our winery experts

Our specialists have years of experience working with wineries of all sizes, in all of the major wine-producing regions of the globe. Combined with Alfa Laval’s leading expertise in separation technology, their industry insight can help you find the answer to practically any separator question.

What are advantages of using a high-speed separator compared to filtration alone?

In addition to providing far greater stability and consistency in your processing, the separator increases your filtration capacity and eases the load on the final filtration. This means reduced equipment and labour costs, helping you save a great deal on your investment over the lifetime of your equipment.

How can a separator help us increase profitability and reduce product losses?

By adding a separator to your process, you both reduce the amount of time wine needs to spend in tanks and make it possible to recover a much larger percentage of the liquid in each tank. As a result, you can sell a higher volume of market to your customers, even faster than before.

Isn’t a high-speed separator too complicated for seasonal workers to operate?

Alfa Laval helps you find the right separator to match your winery’s needs, and we offer a number of models that are designed with reliability and ease of use in mind. Combined with training at the start of the season, our technology makes it easy for operators of any skill level to run the machine all day with no problem.

How can a separator give us greater control and versatility in our production?

A separator is a flexible tool that can be used in many different positions and during many different phases of production. With simple adjustments to your equipment, you can use the separator to increase control over your processing and produce wine in the way that you – and your customers – prefer.

How can you help us during our busy season and with long-term support?

Alfa Laval understands the demands that wineries face with short production seasons, and our dedicated service engineers are on call, 24/7, when you need them the most. Throughout your separator’s long operational life, we can also provide support with everything from installation and routine maintenance to spare parts and more complicated questions.

What are Alfa Laval’s latest separation innovations for wineries?

Alfa Laval introduced the very first disc stack separator more than 130 years ago, and we have been continuously reinventing this technology ever since. Today we can offer the most comprehensive portfolio of separators for winemakers, with two new models for the mid-range market as well as a new high-volume model with our latest separation innovations.

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Ready to see for yourself the benefits that Alfa Laval technology can bring to wine production? Browse our full portfolio of winery separation solutions to find the perfect fit your processing needs.

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Always get the most from your equipment

With Alfa Laval as a partner, you have the full backing of a global service network of dedicated separation experts. We offer a range of services to support your system throughout its lifetime as well as upgrades for improving centrifuge performance. Our experts can train your team how to operate the equipment to ensure optimal performance for the long term, and when you need spares, our distribution network can supply you quickly with the required parts. No matter where you are in the world, we can be there to answer questions, solve challenges and help you get the most from your equipment.

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