Reduce cost and save the environment through proper equipment maintenance

Alfa Laval’s Return of Service investment (ROSi) highlights the importance of servicing equipment to save costs, energy and the environment

Sustainability is vital to drive the success and growth of business today. At Alfa Laval, we continue to strive to optimise the use of natural resources in both our own and your operations. Besides that, we also aim to strongly contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

As businesses seek to address various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related issues, you also face the challenge of proving monetary impact of your sustainability efforts. Therefore, Alfa Laval has developed our Return of Service investment (ROSi) – an important calculation and reporting tool developed by our sustainability engineers to increase your awareness of the importance of proper equipment maintenance and servicing equipment, and to highlight how it could impact your financial performance and sustainability initiatives.

Proven monetary impact with sustainability efforts

At Alfa Laval, we help you drive better business performance, both financially and environmentally, by generating higher awareness of the importance of servicing equipment, which would lead to energy saving and operational efficiency.

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Our focus

Highlight the importance of equipment maintenance

Subscription to this tool can assist in calculating timely equipment maintenance and servicing to keep your equipment in tip-top condition. This will not only help extend the lifespan of your equipment but also avoid the need for expensive repairs due to negligence or to purchase new equipment, which translates to cost savings in the long run.

Most importantly, you can avoid sudden equipment breakdown, which could dramatically disrupt your production system and affect your target throughput. Such unplanned downtime is costly, as customers’ needs cannot be met and deadlines have to be revised, which would cause companies to lose customers and money. In addition, injuries and fatalities due to faulty equipment, which would incur additional cost, can also be avoided.


Reduce environmental impact

As time goes on, your equipment becomes less efficient. It uses more energy to produce the same output. In other words, the value of your asset continues to shrink. Therefore, it is essential to keep your equipment clean and well maintained to optimise energy consumption and reduce operational costs. As a result, energy wastage and the release of carbon dioxide that would impact the environment negatively can be reduced.


Help improve business performance

ROSi goes in line with our goal and commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030 and to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by helping our customers to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in their operations.

We aim to help you drive better business performance, both financially and environmentally, by generating higher awareness of the importance of servicing equipment, which would lead to energy saving and operational efficiency.

Through ROSi, Alfa Laval also aims to generate more enquiries and interest on existing installed equipment. Our intention is not only to increase awareness, but most importantly, to educate you on the importance of having clean and well-maintained equipment.

Proper equipment maintenance is definitely well worth the investment.

Sustainable partnership

Your curiosity is our curiosity. Your passion is our passion. Alfa Laval believes that collaboration and strong partnerships are the key to accelerating tomorrow’s solutions. For more than a century, it has been the fuel behind our relentless innovation. Today it is driving our new developments in energy efficiency, clean energy and the circular economy. Learn how our solutions, and the support we can offer as your partner, can help your business grow in the right way by achieving your full sustainable potential.

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Accelerating sustainable solutions

Imagine a more sustainable world. A world in which less is needed to produce even more. A world in which we efficiently meet our growing energy needs and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions. Imagine a world where we can harness the power of natural resources while preserving them. At Alfa Laval, we don't just imagine this world. We build it together with our customers and our partners.

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