Get the competitive seltzer advantage with Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval provides a wide range of expertise from decades of working with manufacturers of fermented and distilled beverages, along with a full portfolio of process line solutions that are ideal for hard seltzer production.


Process step
Fermentation-based production
Offering Process step
Ingredient-based production
Deaerated water (DAW) Alfa Laval Deaeration modules, ambient Deaerated water (DAW)
Sugar & syrup preparation Alfa Laval Tank mixers
Alfa Laval Agitators
Wort preparation Wort quality/yield increases: Alfa Laval Intelligent Whirlpool System  
Sterilization & cooling Alfa Laval Flexitherm
Alfa Laval Beer cooler
Yeast management Alfa Laval yeast management systems  
Sterile filtration & pasteurization Alfa Laval Sterile Filtration module
Alfa Laval Flexitherm
Sterile filtration & pasteurization
Fermentation & maturation Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer
Alfa Laval Iso-Mix Mini
Alfa Laval Tank top plate system
Separation Alfa Laval Brew series  
Treatment Charcoal removal: Filter systems featuring Alfa Laval Project systems, Pall / Sartorius Stedim Biotech®
Color removal: Alfa Laval PilotUnit Multi
Carbonation, blending & dosing Alfa Laval Blending modules Carbonation, blending & dosing
De-alcolization process Alfa Laval Dealcoholisation module
Alfa Laval Lowal De-alcoholizer
De-alcolization process
  Full scope engineered solution: Commercial brewing  


Project engineering

We can help you design the optimal process, no matter if you are modifying an existing production setup or building a whole new facility for hard seltzer

Project execution

Our experienced technicians can also oversee installation and commissioning as part of a full-scope delivery

Start-up services

We ensure you have top production performance from day one, including training of your team to operate the new equipment

Maintenance services

From routine and preventive maintenance, to troubleshooting and fast delivery of spare parts, our global network has you covered

Support services

Get full documentation as well as access to a number of remote services

Improvement services

We help you upgrade your equipment during the lifetime of operation to ensure you can always take advantage of the latest innovations for improved performance

Monitoring services

With Condition Audits and similar services that include connected solutions, we can help you maximize uptime by always knowing the true condition of your equipment

Alfa Laval Service agreement

Alfa Laval Service Agreements are tailor-made service solutions that combine any of our services, based on your specific needs