Industrial-scale production

For large olive oil mills, staying competitive takes reliable, continuous production that simultaneously delivers consistent quality and high yield – all while keeping expenses as low as possible. It’s a complex challenge. But Alfa Laval is here to help. Engineered with industry-first innovations, our highly efficient technologies enable you to get the most from every olive while maintaining control to ensure consistency and shrink your costs.

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Large-scale solutions for dependable profitability

Alfa Laval has been a partner to large-scale olive oil producers for several decades. With feedback from close collaboration with our customers, we have been able to continuously innovate new solutions for improved efficiency, increased yield, greater process control, and increased mechanical reliability and fatigue resistance. Today we offer space-saving technology that allows you to improve your output with assurance of consistent quality, continuous uptime and lower operational costs. From our optimized SIGMA series, to auxiliary equipment that sets an industry standard in crushing, mixing and temperature control efficiency, all of our large-scale equipment is backed up by a global service organization and world-class support.


Solutions and knowledge to support your business growth

  • Highly efficient equipment, engineered to provide the maximum yields at the highest capacities
  • Manufacturing with strong, carefully selected materials reduces the risk of wear during high capacity production
  • Reduced energy and water consumption, as well as drastic roll-backs in waste disposal
  • Lower OPEX as a result of lower energy, water and disposal costs, ensuring rapid payback time
  • Proven mechanical reliability, giving you strong assurance of 24/7 equipment availability

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Complete processing line solutions

Alfa Laval has designed high-capacity lines that are easy to install and simple to operate. Our unique set of compact equipment allows you to easily achieve stability and optimal performance conditions, with complete control over all potential variables in your processing.


Support you can count on – no matter where you are

When you partner with Alfa Laval, the equipment is just the beginning. With a truly global service network, we can be there at your side no matter where your mill is located. We are here for you throughout the entire lifecycle of your equipment, with support for installation and start-up, ongoing routine maintenance and monitoring, and even suggestions for continuous process improvements.

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