Service for olive oil producers - Lifelong support to make you a market leader

When you partner with Alfa Laval, the equipment is just the beginning. In today’s tough olive oil market, gaining the competitive advantage takes ongoing process improvement. And our global service network is with you all the way. We offer a full range of services, always performed by experienced specialists, to make sure that your mill gets the very most from your production. It starts on day one and continues throughout the long lifecycle of your equipment.

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A comprehensive service offering you can count on

Alfa Laval’s service offering is designed to cover the entire lifecycle of your equipment: from installation and startup, to routine maintenance and monitoring, troubleshooting support, and even recommendations for upgrades and process improvements down the road. We offer support tailored to all equipment in your line, covering every possible stage in the milling process: beginning at olive washing through to final clarification and even support for by-product processing. Continue reading below for a more detailed description of our service offerings for olive oil producers.


  • A global service network staffed by experienced, local technicians who are familiar with the unique circumstances of your specific market
  • A full portfolio of services covering the whole process line: washing, crushing, malaxing, extraction and final clarification
  • Start-up support, including personnel training, to make sure everything functions properly upon installation
  • Guidance to solve challenges and recommendations for improvements, based on decades of experience with this technology
  • Fast, worldwide shipping of genuine spare parts that are expertly designed to guarantee the highest reliability and uptime

Installation and start-up

Commissioning your equipment according to the proper requirements can save you a lot of time – and money – in the long-term. Installation supervision from an Alfa Laval expert ensures safe, trouble-free start-up and fine-tuning, with minimal disruption to your operations.

These services include:

  • Assistance with installation, with piping of modules and full plants
  • Test runs and performance checks to confirm standards are followed
  • Operation hand-over, with certificate documentation
  • Follow-up visits to check and verify system performance
  • Training for your operators



We carry out maintenance to best fit your needs and plans, be it just before or just after the harvest rush. We understand the seasonal nature of your work, and when issues turn up on short notice, we are on the spot quickly with the right knowledge and spare parts. It’s all designed to help you minimize bottlenecks and downtime.


These services include:

  • Genuine spare parts made from quality materials to make sure your investment pays off for years to come
  • An easy-to-use service kit that reduces your maintenance time

A global network of Alfa Laval service centres and authorized partners, ensuring your equipment operates safely and with the optimal performance.



With extensive experience from olive mills all over the world, Alfa Laval’s experts have all the advice and support you may need to optimize your processing. We work closely with you to identify the ideal solution that gives you the highest performance, best possible product quality and greatest assurance of profitability.


Our support includes:

  • Upgrade solutions for increased capacity, more efficient operation and reduced costs
  • Support in redesigning your process line, with guidance on equipment for improved profitability
  • Advice and access to the latest technology that improves performance and prolongs the lifetime of your line



Our regional offices are backed by a network of authorized agents and service workshops. With this global reach, we can ensure your process enjoys peak performance no matter where your mill is located.


Benefits of working with our partners:

  • Local expertise with service centres and partners near your mill
  • Easy access to support – on site or via phone – to match your needs
  • Certified Alfa Laval service and spare parts within easy reach whenever you need them
  • A full range of support: from simple advice to complex troubleshooting analysis

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